5 Safe Destinations For Solo Female Travelers

Traveling solo has its perks. You are free from distractions, you get to do what you want when you want, and you are free to be exactly yourself without judgment. After all, everyone needs to travel alone at least once in their lifetime. It is self-rewarding, fulfilling, and nothing beats alone time in a satisfactory environment. So whether you are relaxing in a spa or you are out in the water swimming, it’s a great idea to vacation solo. However, as a woman – not all places are safe. Some places are known for public women harassment, violence, rape, women slavery and trafficking, and so on. Therefore, it is best to know what destinations are safe from these danger factors. This guide will show you 5 of the safest destinations in the world that you can visit and have the best fun with.

1. Austria

Some people call Austria a perfect country. It could be because there is no sign of gender discrimination, inequality, or sexual violence. Everyone, both men and women are treated with respect. Also, women visiting the place alone don’t have to be bothered about being harassed because Austria has one of the lowest rates of public sexual harassment. The quality of life is one to experience. This European country is not only a safe place, but it is also a beautiful place with so many places to see, go, and lots of things to do. They also have a fine culture that makes the place particularly recommended for solo female travelers.

2. Switzerland

Switzerland is the 7th most peaceful country in the world and that’s because it is free from most of the dangerous factors. There is a low rate of theft, violence, harassment, and inequality. Street safety and crime rates are also very low which makes this country one of the safest places for solo female travelers to visit. But Switzerland is not only safe, but it is also a promising country for vacationers. There are great landscapes and fjords which you can see during a smooth train ride across the beautiful green plains. The atmosphere is peaceful and calming. Their culture and festivals are also must-sees while you are there.

3. Spain

If you are looking for a country that is free from violence against women, then Spain is one of the best places to go visiting. According to the Women’s Danger Index (WDI), Spain is the second safest country for solo women travelers. The people of Spain generally value their women (sisters, wives, and mothers) and they are even more protective of them. Therefore when you visit their country, you’d be treated like the Queen that you are. Not to mention that Spain has some of the most beautiful sceneries. This country is filled with amazing architectural buildings and nature views. Food and culture are things you must explore while you are there.

4. Canada

Canada is a pretty popular and friendly city for tourists and international people alike. It also has great landscapes, forests, and other features that attract vacationers. One of the reasons people love to visit Canada is because of the snow-covered mountains and the still beautiful-viewed lakes. Canada is a great place to visit and the people are welcoming to visitors. The food and the countrysides are added things you might need to look forward to when traveling to Canada. But above all, Canada is safe for women that are traveling solo. It is in fact one of the safest destinations in America. All the dangerous factors especially women brutality, female discrimination, and foreign hate is almost nonexistent in Canada.

5. New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful place and that’s why you should be glad that this country is also part of the list. This destination is already popular for featuring as the ‘middle Earth’ in the famous TV series Lord of the Rings. In New Zealand, you can comfortably enjoy nature through the different scenes. There are beautiful paradise beaches, snowy mountain peaks, colorful lakes, open oceans full of whales and seals, active volcanoes, and glaciers. New Zealand is not only beautiful but also safe for women travelers. It is considered and ranked as the fourth safest country in the world and so you can be guaranteed nothing but peace while you relax and enjoy your vacation.


The above-mentioned countries and cities are free from certain factors that make a place unsafe. Some of the factors that were put into consideration are street safety, the rate of women homicide, sexual violence, legal discrimination, gender gap, inequality index, violence against women, and so on.

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