How To Have An Affordable Safari In Africa!

It is a common misconception that going on safari in Africa is thousands of dollars. This could not be farther from the truth because there are many alternative companies to consider. When I was browsing my safari options in Africa, I came across a company called that has sensational deals on many different tours around the world. What makes this company so unique is that they have promotional deals that can allow you to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on travel. For my one week camping safari, I was able to go for under $500 USD with all transportation, food, and entrance fees for gaming included.

These camping safari tours typically leave from Johannesburg. You start at a budget hotel where the tour greets you and prepares you for the upcoming week. At that point, you board one of the most sophisticated camping vans that is the size of a medium sized bulldozer. From there we drove north and crossed into Botswana where we found the Khama Rhino Sanctuary. In this place, we set up our tents for star gazing and got a good nights sleep before heading to see the animals at four in the morning.

Even though it was quite early, getting up at four in the morning was a delight and as the sun was rising, I saw the animals reveal themselves to us. The jeeps were comfortable and the staff provided us with blankets so that we did not freeze. The safari lasted for five hours and we were able to see Zebras, Rhinos, and Antelope in their natural habitat. Sites such as the Khama Sanctuary are wonderful because they offer lodging amenities as well.

As you cruise up the road in Botswana, you will approach the Chobe River to take a water safari. This is where you can see elephants and hippos bathing. The cruise will involve five hours of gaming and you can even see the animals at sunset. This was one of the most spectacular parts of my safari. One could sit on the deck and admire the animals in their natural habitats up close.

The next stop on your camping safari will likely be Elephant Trails where you will have a nice lunch as you watch the elephants going about their daily business on the property. Throughout the drive on this day, you will see many animals along the road as you head up to Zambia. Crossing my land in Zambia is sensational because your camper van will go on the boat with you as you approach the road to take you to Victoria Falls. At this point in the tour, you have an option to do more gaming.

The last day, you will be able to see one of the largest waterfalls in the world. Victoria Falls is absolutely gorgeous and is worth a visit to walk around the park. The falls will likely present you with a gorgeous rainbow view and those travelers who are more adventurous can do the bungee jumping activity over the waterfall that is available.

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