The Best Budget Airlines In Europe

To many travelers, Europe is quite expensive to travel around. This could not be further from the truth! Sure, there are ways to travel throughout Europe in luxury style; however, there is also a way to travel through Europe on the cheap and see more of what the great continent offers. Aside from the Eurail Passes, Europe has another option and that is budget airlines.

In order to begin your budget airline search, it is usually best to consult, which is a website that allows you to search through Europe’s budget airlines based on which cities that you are traveling between. That being said, here are some of the premier budget airlines that I have traveled with throughout Europe:


Having once paid one pound for my ticket between Marseilles and London on this airline when I was a university student, I will say that this airline will always be on my top list. What is important to remember is to limit your luggage because they charge and print your boarding pass beforehand. If you follow their instructions strictly, you will have an affordable flight that is usually under $30USD anywhere around Europe!


This is basically Ryanair’s competition that is especially good for traveling around France and even goes to Morocco from Europe. EasyJet has similar baggage policies to Ryanair, but is a great way to get around Europe economically and maximize the cities that you are able to see.


If you are interested in Spain, which I always am… Vueling is a great choice for traveling between Spanish cities when you do not have time to take the AVE Trains. Usually on Vueling, your flights will be under $50 USD regular price and if you are fortunate enough to catch one of their many offers, even lower! Simply mind the baggage that you pack and you will be set for an economic travel experience.

Norwegian Air

This budget airline is ideal for Scandinavia and also has economic flights between the United States in Europe. When I was living in Sweden, I was able to take this airline to Oslo, Helsinki, and even Greece! The flights are usually under $50 USD and have similar baggage restrictions.

What is important to remember when traveling through Europe is that you should be spending your money on the cuisine, museums, and UNESCO sights rather than your transportation. These budget airlines are a great asset to any backpacker, study abroad student or adult who simply would rather stay in a five star hotel than pay for a luxury airline!

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