The Best Places to Move in Asia with Only $10,000 in Life Savings

When considering places to move abroad, it is important to consider what your assets are before moving. When contemplating which places to move in Asia that would best benefit a savings of $10,000 it is important to know that cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, and Tokyo are absolutely not on your list. That being said, there are several other places that one could prospectively move with $10,000 in savings and life a very high quality of life. Here are my recommendations of where to move in Asia if you have $10,000 in savings:


Thailand is one of the best places to move in Asia because it has a rich culture, incredible beaches, and is centrally located for travel. What also makes Thailand appealing is its affordable cost of living. One can live a nice quality of life in Bangkok for retirement or a writing career, for example. Additionally, Thailand boasts a sensational climate that is year round while also possessing cuisine that is one of the best in the world.


Cambodia is an up and coming gem that many people overlook. In Phenom Penh, for example, one can acquire a luxury condo for $10,000 paid in full. Even if one has $10,000, they can also rent for a substantial amount of time and live a high quality of life. Like Thailand, Cambodia also boasts a coast line with divine resorts that are also paralleled with remarkable ruins. Thus, don’t take Cambodia off your radar because it is developing and will only get better as an expat destination.


Vietnam caught my eye seven years ago when I paid Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) a visit. Not only did I see wealthy Europeans living their in posh buildings, but I also saw a mix of luxury living for an affordable price that still possessed a flair of local culture. Additionally, I went to several beach resorts on the northern coastline where I saw many expats investing. These areas are underpopulated, on the Pacific, and provide great relaxation. Vietnam is a great place to go if you have $10,000 saved because you will be able to live a very nice quality of life for the money that you do have.


Jakarta is another gem that many overlook. I was able to stay in a two-bedroom luxury apartment for $10 a night there that had a kitchen, balcony, access to luxury malls, and a swimming pool. My point here is that Jakarta has a very nice quality of life for those who know where to seek it. What also makes Jakarta a great find is that you have Indonesia and Southeast Asia truly at your fingertips given that you can hop on Air Asia and be in Bali in less than three hours for a budget price. Jakarta additionally has a divine culture that is a joy to explore as well.

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a baby Singapore in the making in my viewpoint. It has the infrastructure that Singapore does, but not the price tag. This is why right now; Kuala Lumpur is a great place to take your $10,000 to invest because the market will only get better. What is another plus of Kuala Lumpur, like Jakarta, is that once again, you have one of the biggest airports in Asia at your fingertips and the sky is also the limit for jet setting.

Many people discount the idea of investing in Asia. Having considered the prospect many times and having lived the quality of life that you can life there if you bring your USD with you, I have to give Asia a full endorsement to live a high quality standard of living while simultaneously having a wonderful fusion of global cultures.

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