Tax Tips for Returning Expats

Donald Simpson, Partner at Turcan Connell explains why expats returning to the UK should take tax advice and plan early as there may be opportunities to mitigate tax liabilities.  Considerations include tidying up your tax affairs before you leave your expat location as read more

Opening an Offshore Account for Expats

There is a wide number of offshore bank accounts to choose from. But what kind of account do you need and what will it cost you? Are offshore bank accounts for me? Whether or not they are for you will depend very much on your need as an expat to have all or part of your read more

Should you hang on to your UK bank account?

BREXIT Updated: there is even more confusion and uncertainty considering the up and coming brexit. Since there is absolutely no guidance on what will happen after the exit from Europe will occur, we cannot offer guidance on this subject but we will be sure to keep on wa read more

Jersey Trusts – an Overview

Jersey’s trust sector is managed by thousands of professionals who are leading the way with new models and modifications of this centuries-old method of passing on wealth. Jersey’s trust industry has 50 years of experience and is now represented by 4,500 practitioners w read more

4 Financial Mistakes to Avoid as an Expat

Below you can find some of the worst financial mistakes you could do as an expat this year. 1) Sure fire investment opportunities With savings rates low, it’s normal to shop around for higher returns. But whether it’s a great savings rate or a fantastic investment oppor read more

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