Busan: The Hidden Gem Of South Korea

Having spent a great deal of time both living and working in South Korea, I have experienced many of the cities that South Korea has to offer. Within my travels to South Korea, I was amazed at South Korea’s second largest city. Busan is located on the Eastern side of South Korea and is located along the coast. This city is filled with modern architecture, sensational beaches, spectacular seafood, and last but never least, one of South Korea’s most impressive Buddhist temples. I had the pleasure to travel to South Korea because an American retailer wanted to ascertain whether their shopping mall was the largest shopping mall in the world and in my free time, this is what I experienced.

The most delicious sight that Busan has to offer is their seafood market. The Jagalchi Fish Market is a sensational spot for foodies who wanted seafood at wholesale prices that has five-star quality. One can order a King Crab at this seafood market and take it to the restaurant within the market that is owned by a local family and have it cooked for under $5 USD. Additionally, one can get some of the most pure Sashimi on this earth. The incredible food aside, it is fun to merely stroll throughout the various seafood vendor stalls and see what unique species they have to offer.

One of the best beaches in Busan is Gwangan. It is the perfect example of how Busan has sensational modern architecture. There is an enormous bridge in the water that beach goers can view as they enjoy the sand. Additionally, at night one can greatly admire the Busan skyline with delight. This part of Busan is ideal for going out at night or having a nice lunch during the day.

At the end of Busan’s subway line, you will find the stop for Beomeosa. This is one of the most beautiful temples that I saw in South Korea. It is surely one of South Korea’s national treasures. The temple is conveniently situated on a tranquil hill overlooking all of Busan. Families come to the stream along the way up the hill to bathe and have picnics together. At the top of the hill, there are seven different shrines where you can pray. Additionally, there is a gorgeous sculpture garden of Buddha’s that has a backdrop of the lush green forest behind it. Beomeosa is one of the most well preserved temples in South Korea and is surely worth a visit.

Busan has a great deal to offer visitors because it is a wonderful mix of the historic with the modern. Additionally, Busan offers great outdoor activities for tourists to enjoy. If you are looking for a great place to visit in South Korea that is a little less known than Seoul, consider Busan. Not only can you get there by a ferry from Japan, you can also have a rewarding experience in a new locale that has gorgeous weather, kind people, and remarkable tourist sights.

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