Five Tips to Find the Ultimate Hostel When Traveling

When I was younger, I did not have infinite resources to travel; however, I did not let that stop me. What many young travelers do not realize is that there are many wonderful and safe hostel properties around the world that are great way to maximize how many cities you can travel to within the year. Additionally, these hostels are great ways to meet fellow individuals who are traveling the world at your age and have meaningful cultural conversations. Some of these cultural conversations are how I learned a great deal about other cultures, made lasting friendships, and also, how I received great travel tips for future adventures.

Consider my five tips for finding the ultimate hostel when traveling around the globe:

  1. Try to Reserve on or These two are my favorite sites to find reliable hostels. The reason that they are great is that they allow you to pay a deposit that is only 10% of the rate. This gives you a chance to reserve your space and save up for the rest by the time you get there!
  2. Look For a Rating of 7.5 or Higher: Even though many people recommend to stay in a hostel that is 8.0 or higher out of 10, I disagree. The reason that I disagree is that many new properties are trying to get their score up as they get started. These properties tend to be less expensive before they get a high rating and are usually a great value for your money.
  3. Make Sure the Hostel Has Lockers: Unfortunately, one does have to be aware of theft in any hotel they stay in abroad. Hostels have a bad reputation in that the thefts happen when people are careless with their electronics. One way to avoid this is to verify that your hostel has a locker that is large enough for your luggage. If so, you can usually rent a lock and rest assured that your valuables are secure.
  4. Always Say Yes to Free Breakfast: For those young backpackers, every cent counts. Thus, check to ensure that your hostel offers breakfast. This is a great way to save money on extra meals during your trip and also, it provides you with coffee as well in the morning, which is an excellent way to start your day of touring.
  5. Look for a Bar/Pub Crawl Option: Suffice it to say, having a bar on the premises is one of those ways that I have met interesting characters from all over the world. What is even better is if the hostel organizes a pub crawl in the city that allows you to learn the lay of the land your first night there. One of the best ones that I experienced was in Prague, which helped my friend and I have a fantastic conversation with individuals from eight different countries at one table.

Contrary to popular belief, hostels still are in style if you are young traveler that is looking for a meaningful experience while not having a great deal of money to spend. Hostels have been my secret to seeing a great deal of the world in that they offer everything from a ten bed mixed dorm bunk to a private room with private bathroom if you know to ask. Thus, do not forget about hostels in your travels because they may enable you to see double or triple the amount of places in the world if you manage your capital well.

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