Moving to the South of France

It can be quite challenging to decide where to reside as an expat. Europe has historically been a popular place for expats to consider. That being said, it can be difficult to decide which European country is the ideal fit for your particular needs as an expat. One country that has attracted attention for expats is France. Within France, there are several diverse regions to choose from; however, the South of France offers a wonderful pace of life with stunning scenery to admire while residing in France. Consider the discussion below to understand what it takes to relocate to the South of France and why it is an appealing option to consider as an expat.

Local Culture

Food: Southern France has sensational fresh fruits and vegetables. Locals and expats alike will be able to relocate there and experience food that is truly fresh and an event for the entire family to enjoy. Additionally, the South of France has wonderful outdoor markets in the summers that take place in plazas from era’s past. Along with the food, there are gorgeous lavender and sunflowers to

Travel Destinations: Southern France is close to some spectacular travel destinations. Corsica, Monaco, and Northern Italy are a short train or boat or train ride away. Furthermore, many cities in Southern France have airports that serve international destinations around continental Europe. For this reason, Southern France is a very attractive place to consider residing.

What to Expect 

Pace of Life: Southern France has a wonderful pace of life; however, it is a pace of life that is ideal for expats that are looking to relax and enjoy. For those expats that are seeking out a big city, it is best to pursue a city such as Paris. That being said, in Southern France, there are cities such as Avignon, Nice, Marseille, and Aix-en-Provence that offer diverse restaurants and cultural events for expats to enjoy. If expats are looking for more of a rural escape, Le Luberon and Roussillon make wonderful choices for a more tranquil pace of life. Southern France offers a great deal of diversity in terms of living choices, which is why it is a great option for prospective expats to pursue.

Friendliness: The individuals that live in Southern France have a very high level of friendliness that is not found in other parts of France. In fact, if you make an effort to speak French to the locals, they will treat you with a higher level of respect. This is part of the draw of this part of France for expats that are looking for a peaceful place to reside that still have the opportunity to learn and practice the local language.

Immigration: Immigration to France can be tricky if the expat does not hold a European Union passport. For those expats that do, it is quite simple to reside in Southern France with their passport from their home country. For expats that do not hold European Union passports, it is more complex. Usually, the rule is that you have to reside in France for five years legally or marry a French national to shorten the duration. Before setting your sights to live in Southern France, it is important to sort out your immigration process. In Southern France, it does not have the same economic presence that Paris does, which means that multinational jobs will be few and far between in comparison. Keeping this in mind will make your immigration process easier in the long term.

Real Estate: It is important to be aware that the real estate in the South of France is among some of the most expensive in the world. It is important that you carefully consider what you need to spend in order to be able to live well in the South of France. This way, you will not encounter any unfortunate surprises when you are looking to rent or purchase a home while living there.

Final Remarks on the Subject 

If you are looking for a stunning expat destination to reside that has a very peaceful pace of life, Southern France is surely an option to consider. The spectacular food, sights, and cultural enrichment make Southern France appealing to expats from around the globe. The proximity to travel in Corsica, Northern Italy, and Monaco makes Southern France quite appealing to locals and expats alike. Be sure that you are careful about your employment and financial arrangement before deciding to reside in Southern France. If you are able to arrange these aspects beforehand, it is the best for a smooth transition to a new locale. If you take these factors into consideration, Southern France will absolutely be the ideal locale to consider as an expat that is truly beautiful during every part of the year.

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