TEFL Certification and How to Teach English Abroad

Simply being an English speaker doesn’t necessarily qualify a person to teach English as a second language. It requires a certain level of training to qualify. And just as any other occupation, the tutor has to be certified. The good news is that there is a platform for native English speakers to acquire certification to teach English online.

What is TEFL?

TEFL stands for ‘Teaching English as a Foreign Language’ and it is a platform that represents hundreds of thousands of professionals teaching English abroad.

This is a trusted site that can guarantee you an authentic certification to teach abroad. It provides you classes and educates you on the skills and tools you need to work as a professional English teacher.

However, there are certain standards that you, as a prospective teacher must meet while taking this class. They include the ability to practice live teaching, the ability to sacrifice at least 100 hours of coursework, the availability to create a curriculum, etc.

A TEFL certification can be gotten online from the comfort of your home and at cheaper rates. Therefore, you can take this chance to pursue qualifications that allow you to teach English online as a professional.

Why teach English Abroad?

A lot of people are still not aware of the benefits of taking up a career in tutoring internationally. Apart from being paid to live in a foreign country, other reasons to consider taking this as a career goal includes:

  1. Teaching internationally is an experience that draws value and a sort of respect. People that have been opportune to go outside their country are usually treated as first-class during job interviews and employee selection. Thanks to tutoring, you would have traveled to different countries, improved your organizational skills, group management, and communication skill. Especially if what you taught is the language a lot of people want to learn.
  2. People pay a lot to learn English because most business deals, financial decisions, and other life-changing projects are discussed and built on this international language. It’s why non-native investors pay a lot to get translators during their meetings. Nowadays, more and more people pay a lot more to learn the language themselves. Therefore, you can be assured that this job is financially stable enough to pursue.
  3. English tutors don’t only teach others English, but they also land the opportunity to learn other languages and cultures. Most international English tutors, therefore, are also able to work in any country, making the world full of opportunities.
  4. There is nothing as valuable as building relationships and connections. The whole world is built on networking. Tutors are open to a world of networking when they meet new people from different economies and political environments. You would be able to create relationships all over the world that could be of great advantage later.
  5. The job can give you the thrill of having fun while working in different countries. There would be new places to visit with new foods, new people, adventures and different lifestyles. And to top it all, you would have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young students, giving them the opportunity to communicate and interact using the international language.

How Much Money Can you Earn?

Though the amount of money a tutor can make is based on the company he/she is working with, the number of hours sacrificed into the job, the qualification, and experience; generally teachers still make reasonable pay.

Novice teachers can make about 10 to 40 dollars per hour every day which is about 1,200 to 4,800 dollars in a month for 6 hours of work for 5 days of the week.

Compared with the cost of living in your location, you would be able to save an estimation of about a thousand dollars or more every month, depending on your level of experience. Some companies pay per class instead of per hour, so the more classes you take, the more money you’ll earn.

It can be calculated that a lightworker who works 5 hours in a week could earn about 400 dollars a month. A midi-hustler who works 4 hours a day for a month could earn 960 dollars per month. And someone working 5 hours a day can earn up to 2000 dollars every month. You can use this estimation to calculate how much you could make while teaching abroad.

How to get your TEFL Certification?

Acquiring a TEFL certification isn’t difficult especially because it is now available online. However, you as a prospective tutor, you have to decide on how much time you have to take the TEFL course. TEFL courses can start from 20 hours of instructions and go up to 200 or more. Short courses, nevertheless are rarely worth it because they don’t offer the authenticity and qualifications that the longer ones offer.

After deciding on how much time you have to devote to equipping yourself, you can follow the steps to get started:

  • Go on to the site (tefl.org) and sign up
  • Choose your program and pay
  • Get started on your pace
  • Ace your tests
  • Get Certified!!!


Now that you have all the knowledge you need to be certified as an international English Tutor, you can now go-ahead to begin your journey towards financial stability, personal development, and life empowerment. And don’t forget to have fun while at it.

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