The Ideal Choice for a Memorable Safari in Africa

Africa has been an incredible destination that has offered Safaris for some time now. Many times, tourists are unsure of where to start when they are trying to decide where to enjoy their Safari in Africa. Typically, the most famous countries that possess Safaris in Africa are Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, and Zambia. When contemplating which country to visit, it is important to take into account which currency they use. For example, South Africa utilizes the ZAR. For travellers that are travelling to Africa, it is wise to arrange to exchange their pounds in advance with a travel money company in advance in order to ensure availability of the more unique currencies that Africa has to offer. Bearing this in mind, if travellers intend on crossing the border by land in Africa, many of the borders only accept USD as payment for travel visas. Having the right currency with you upon arrival will make your Safari holiday be an ultimate success. Consider the following discussion when you are attempting to decide where to spend the Ideal Safari holiday in Africa:

Top 5 Places to Visit for a Memorable Safari

  1. Tanzania: Tanzania offers one of the best Safaris on earth. The reason for this is the two diverse Safari offerings called the Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater. What makes the Ngorongoro Crater extra special is that many diverse species of animals have been confined into a single sunken area for a considerable amount of time. This is precisely why it is so easy to have success in a Safari here due to the isolation of the animals for exterior species of animals. Tanzania offers so many rich experiences to travellers looking for every Safari from the budget to luxury.
  2. South Africa: The Kruger National Park in South Africa is a brilliant place to enjoy a Safari. At the park, there is a possibility to enjoy visits from the Big Five that are alive and well in Kruger National Park. Since Kruger National Park has become so popular, there are many options in place for managing the roads during the rainy season and also availability for all price points that want to enjoy the park.
  3. Botswana: Botswana has many potential Safaris for tourists to enjoy. The ideal combination in Botswana is to visit the Chobe Chilwero Lodge that has gorgeous views of the Chobe River. Here, one will be able to see elephants and rhinoceroses bathing whilst on a river cruise. Another great part of Botswana to enjoy is the Okavango Delta for walking safaris. These two locales are only a couple of hours apart by car and make for a unique and less travelled Safari experience.
  4. Kenya: Kenya has attracted luxury Safari seekers for quite some time now. One of the most famous places to enjoy a Safari in Kenya is Masai Mara. From lions to elephants, it is possible to enjoy many different animals at Masai Mara. When visiting this location, it is wise to start early in the day since the locale gets quite crowded later on in the day.
  5. Zambia: Zambia is another hidden gem in terms of Safaris. Some examples of the more popular places to visit in Zambia are: South Luangwa National Park and Etosha National Park. For luxury travellers, it is wise to stick to South Luangwa National Park for the more extravagant Safari options.

What to Bring with You in a Safari

When you are going on a Safari, it is important to bring the proper gear with you to make the most of your experience. One example of what to bring with you is a high-quality camera. In addition to a camera, it is recommended to bring a portable battery charger with you that is fully charged. If you are able to do this, you will not run out of power on your electronics when you are in the more remote camps. Lastly, it is wise to bring many different beige clothes to mitigate your reaction to the heat and proper hiking boots. If you bring these sort of items, you will have an incredible stay whilst in Africa for your Safari.

Final Remarks on the Subject

Africa has many diverse Safari options to choose from. The key to being successful with your upcoming Safari holiday is going to be related to planning the capital that you will need throughout your holiday. In Africa, many places still do not take credit cards, which is why having a travel money company work with you to get the best possible exchange rates is a wise decision. By working with them well in advance of your Safari holiday, you can be certain that you are getting the best possible price when you are exchanging your pounds to the different currencies in Africa. Thus, it is essential to realize that it is absolutely possible to have a meaningful holiday whilst in Africa on Safari. If you do the proper research before you depart, you will see some of the most extraordinary locales that the globe has to offer.

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