Top 10 Expat Instagram Accounts to Follow

Having the ability to move to another country and experience a new world, new food, new sensations, it’s the biggest upsell to being an expat. And more and more people decide to take that route and enrich their knowledge about other cultures. Some do it for financial reasons, but most of them are doing it to discover the beauties of the world.

Below we have listed 10 Instagram accounts that you should definitely start following to be able to see and appreciate the beautiful scenery from different countries. Maybe they will give you some destination ideas for your next trip.

  1. Migrating Miss 

This popular account is owned by Sonja, a New Zealand born expat currently residing in Scotland with her husband Phil and their few months old children. With a following of 4,829 people and more than 800 posts up to date, the page is a leading go-to place for visitors who want to discover the best rafting, kayaking, hiking, dining, and outdoor adventure spots in Scotland.

As a fulltime travel blogger, having visited many countries around the world since the age of 16yrs, Sonja also hopes to inspire those who’d like to travel outside their country by giving them tips on how to plan for such a trip.

  1. Helene in Between

The page was started by Helene Sula, a Dallas, TX native who moved to Heidelberg, Germany with her husband Michael and their two dogs to begin a new life there. Before their trip, the couple had been wanting to travel to Europe and see the world. To fulfill this dream, they sold everything they owned back in Texas in order to raise the funds necessary for their journey.

The gamble turned out to be a success as they have since enjoyed living in Germany, occasionally taking photos of different places that they visit and posting them on their Instagram page including; narrow paved street alleys, flower fields, antiquity castles and even sunset by the beachside.

  1. Just moved to Switzerland

This Instagram page is the brainchild of Larisa, a Swiss native who migrated to Zurich in 2017 and has been calling the city home ever since. She moved to the city in order to be close to her boyfriend, after being in a long-distance relationship for quite some time.

Through her photos, she describes Zurich as a beautiful, laidback township where you can get fresh food & flowers from the Farmer’s market, enjoy swimming at the public pools, or enjoy tasty local foods available in places such as Clouds restaurant. Larisa is also a lover of nature and this can be seen in some of her pictures that include; rainbows, rugged mountains, snow-covered forests, and waterfalls found in the Lauterbrunnen Valley.

  1. Follow Beijing 

Follow Beijing is a public page that takes visitors through a photography tour of this vibrant Chinese capital city. Through the hashtag #followbeijing on Instagram, you can discover some of the unknown parts of this metropolis, including both indoor and outdoor attractions that visitors can sample. Furthermore, the page is free for anyone to post their Beijing-related photo by using the hashtag mentioned above or contacting the admin for advert postings through their email account.

Currently, Follow Beijing has more than 4,300 posts from random users spread all across the city, they include everything from breathtaking skyscrapers, night streetlights & lanterns, religious temples, and the Great Wall of China among other attractions. Follow Beijing is one of the top Instagram Accounts to follow for anyone who wants to learn more about this Chinese city.

  1. Expat Sisters 

The platform is owned by two Italian sisters currently staying in the UK as expats. With a following of around 3,736 people, it’s among the favorite online destinations for those looking to discover the UK from the perspective of a pair of travelers. Apart from the United Kingdom, the sisters have also visited 40 other countries around the world such as France, Zanzibar, and Germany, amassing lots of experiences to share with their followers.

They advise expats to always try and find some time between their work/study, or holidays to visit their native country if possible, just like they occasionally go back to Italy despite being UK residents.

  1. Paris in Four Months

This portal was opened by Carin Olsson, an expat who relocated to Paris in February 2012 and tries to share her experiences strolling the city streets, enjoying local cuisine, and discovering new places with the followers. Though the page started out as a simple platform where Carin posted her daily activities, it has since grown to become a creative medium that the owner uses to display her profound liking for photography. She enjoys posing in designer clothes such as Dior and exclusive Carter jewelry, which amplify her looks and bring the backdrops of the various places she takes her photos to life.

  1. A Lady in London

This site is the idea of a Californian girl from San Francisco City, who moved to London after previously working for Goldman Sachs in the U.S in the finance department. It has been named among the Top 20 Travel Instagrammer accounts by Esquire, BuzzFeed, Stylist, and Harper’s Bazaar, plus the owner ranked among the Top 5 UK travel bloggers. Furthermore, Instagram has added her page among its Suggested Users List, recommending her as one of the leading photographers on the social platform.

A Lady in London mainly focuses on the region’s vibrant architecture, ranging from beautiful multicolored downtown blocks to London’s magnificent tulip-flowered Holland Park, and even ancient castles.

  1. Chicle Belle

The page was opened by Belle, a travel blogger and photographer from Bulgaria currently residing in Dubai. She works fulltime as a social media consultant in the fashion sector, where she sharpens her style & photography skills through this Instagram page. Most of the photos on her account are on her personal travels in places within Dubai and other surrounding countries, including Chaopraya River in Bangkok, the UAE desert, Downtown Dubai, and Hotel Papadopoli Venezia in Venice.

In some of the photos, she appears with her husband Alfred who seems to enjoy traveling just like Belle. For instance, in one picture they can be seen trying a dance move together while on a bridge over the Gardone Riviera.

  1. Monica Bejar

It’s a travel and expat life Instagram page that was founded by Monica Bejar Farias, a Mexican expat and avid tourist currently with a following of 9,407 people on her account. Her Instagram photos depict Mexico as a vibrant, multicultural country with everything for everyone.

One of the places featured for visitors to sample is the mystical Mayan city found in Palenque, Chiapas. It consists of magnificent structures and temple ruins surrounded by dense forest vegetation. Moreover, the golden beachside at El Faro is a nice place to relax during the weekends and enjoys plenty of sunshine as well. For those who prefer a mystical outdoor experience, then the waterfalls at Cascada l Salto’ Colima that end up in a shallow pool below can make a wonderful treat.

  1. This Girl Abroad

The account was started by a young Canadian girl currently in her early thirties, she moved over to Hong Kong while still in her twenties and has been residing there for more than 5yrs now. She describes the city as an incredible destination to explore for anyone who plans to visit. As for the locals, she says they are resilient, determined, and concerned about the welfare of other people. Both the residents and the city have given her the love and space that enabled her to grow into the woman she is today and is very proud to call Hong Kong home. For a nice summer drink, she recommends visitors to go to the Stazione Novella for some tasty Aperol spritz.

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