Top 5 Countries to Live in as an English Speaker

Contrary to popular belief, there are many countries that speak excellent English whose citizens are not native speakers. If you are an expat who is considering relocating, look into these countries for job opportunities because they are always looking for native speakers to either help train their staff in business English or to assist them with their offices in other English-speaking countries.

Here are my top five countries to live in as an English speaker:

1. Israel

When I went to Israel, I was truly amazed at the level of English that I saw in the country. The citizens are educated in English for many years, which allows the expat to communicate quite easily there. Additionally, through my program, I learned of many employment opportunities for English-speakers in a wide selection of industries. Thus, Israel surely is a viable option for those considering having a new experience while still being able to speak English on a day-to-day basis.

2. Sweden

When I studied in Sweden, I thought that some of the Swedish people I met spoke better English than I did. I asked and found out that they watch American reality television, which I found quite amusing. It is for this reason that the Swedish people I met even knew popular slang phrases. I found this remarkable and when I lived in Sweden, I hardly learned any Swedish not because I did not want to, but because their English was so good that I really did not have the opportunity to practice my Swedish!

3. Denmark

Denmark, like Sweden, has incredible English speakers. Since Danish is such a culturally isolated language, the Danish government educates their citizens on English young. For the expatriate who is considering living in Denmark, do so! There are so many international opportunities for English-speakers within Denmark due to the plethora of multinational companies who have offices there. Thus, absolutely add Denmark to your prospective list that will allow you to learn a new language while still speaking English as well.

4. Norway

Norway has an exceptional level of English. For those who are in the engineering industry, Norway also has a plethora of oil, which is why it is such a wealthy and expensive country. Norway also has great paying salaries and a high quality of life for its citizens. Thus, if you are considering countries where you could work as an English speaker and you have engineering background, Norway is surely a lucrative choice for you to consider.

5. Finland

Finland actually has one of the best educational systems in the world. What makes Finland so exceptional is its level of English by its citizens. When I was in Helsinki, I could not believe how the locals would switch to flawless English and then go back to speaking Finish when they were talking among themselves.

The moral of this list is that there are a plethora of countries that speak flawless English that do not speak English as their native English. This creates a whole other portal of international job opportunities for expatriates in a plethora of industries. Particularly for those who are teachers, these countries actively seek professionals to educate their youth. Thus, consider looking outside the box for opportunities because with developed countries such as these that speak English, you may just find yourself a new wonderful home!

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