The Ultimate Wine Tasting Tour In Mendoza, Argentina

When visiting Argentina, there is more to the country than simply Buenos Aires. In fact, for foodies there are a great deal of sensational Malbecs to try within the country. The best Malbecs in Argentina are produced in Salta, Mendoza, and Patagonia. That being said, one of the best places to sample Malbec is to take a tour of Mendoza, Argentina. While visiting the vineyards in Mendoza, there are also a great deal of outdoor activities to explore as well. Thus, if you are currently visiting Buenos Aires or Santiago, consider taking a tour of Mendoza to sample the wide variety of sensational wines that Argentina has to offer and enjoy some other fun activities as well. Consider the guide below to learn how to get to and enjoy Mendoza.

Arriving to Mendoza is quite simple from both Buenos Aires and Santiago. For the budget traveler, there are many affordable bus options to get to Mendoza that are night bus options. The bus typically takes twelve hours from each city and is quite comfortable. If you prefer to not take a bus, there are several flights on LAN Airlines or Aerolineas Argentinas that are affordable and will get you to Mendoza in less than two hours.

One of the great ways to go wine tasting in Mendoza is to ride bicycles on a tour. This is a great way to enjoy the quaint little city of Mendoza. Mendoza is surrounded by mountains and beautiful vineyard landscapes. By taking the bike tour you can experience a great deal of Mendoza in one single tour. For those who do not enjoy bikes, there is a tour in Mendoza that offers wine tasting, a tour of an olive oil company, and tasting of Dulce de Leche, which is Argentina’s most popular caramel sauce.

For those who are looking for more outdoorsy activities, Mendoza offers many options to consider. Given that the mountains are close; one can go white water rafting in Mendoza for the day quite easily. Additionally, there are horseback riding tours as well to enjoy.

Once your day of sightseeing is over, it is wise to go to the downtown part of Mendoza and enjoy some world famous Argentine steak with some more Malbec. The streets of Mendoza are all in the same colonial Spanish architecture and you can dine outside while enjoying the view. Dinners in the more traditional restaurants in Mendoza allow the traveler to enjoy a three-hour dinner while savoring steak and empanadas. If you are lucky, you will also catch traditional Argentine Tango music being performed live with dancing.

Mendoza offers a great deal to both domestic and international travelers who want a retreat that offers the foodie a divine locale to explore that also has stunning views. When visiting Argentina, it is important not to forget about Mendoza as a viable way to escape the big city while enjoying a more intimate and authentic part of Argentina. For a memorable vacation, consider reserving your romantic getaway weekend in Mendoza for sensational wines, dinners, and outdoor activities.

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