Why You Should Move to Norway And Whether Obtaining Citizenship is Difficult

Norway is consistently rated as having one of the highest standards of living in the world, which is why so many expats are interested in residing in Norway on a permanent basis. The natural beauty, high quality of life, and spectacular educational system make Norway provide excellent quality of life to its citizens. What is surprising about Norway is that it has quite welcoming immigration compared to other countries in Europe. Consider the discussion below when trying to decide whether Norway is the proper choice for the relocation of your family:

The Perks of Moving to Norway

Norway is a very sophisticated society that places importance on protecting the environment and overall social responsibility. This is seen all over the country and has subsequently made the country one of the most developed and evolved in terms of air pollution control and combating global warming. Given Norway’s gorgeous beauties, there is a strong obligation that Norwegians see to protect their country, which has made Norway quite the locale to live in since there is a unity among Norwegians to continually make their country a better place. For expats, there will be engaging employment opportunities in firms that place a strong emphasis on social responsibility, which will be a fascinating learning curve for those that are from countries with very different cultures.

Norway offers an important emphasis on family life. The policies that Norway possesses caters to the time of employees to be able to spend with their families. The level of English in Norway is fantastic, which makes the country an easy destination to consider for expats that have English speaking abilities. The level of English also has an impact on the educational system available in Norway. Students are able to study quite easily in Norway, which makes for a wonderful experience for children of expat families. Lastly, Norway offers many potential opportunities for meaningful travel both within the country and outside of the country. From spectacular fjords to visiting close monuments in European cities, expats can truly experience a wonderful lifestyle in Norway.

How to Obtain Citizenship 

First and foremost, it is important to understand that Norway is not a member of the European Union, thus, they have their own immigration policy that is not linked to other European nations. This policy does allow for easier entry into European Union member countries and vice versa but does not guarantee this. Also, European Union citizens and their families do have an easier path to obtain work permits, but it is important to note that these opportunities are quite different than a Spanish citizen who wanted to go work in France, for example.

The path to citizenship in Norway begins with the process of obtaining a residence permit. In theory, Norway is far more receptive to immigrants than other nations. In fact, those that have resided in Norway for three consecutive years are eligible to receive permanent residence permits. In order to obtain the permit, you must complete the current mandatory tuition in the study of the Norwegian language that is currently required in the introduction act. This number of hours tends to fluctuate. For those that are married to Norwegians, it is possible to apply for a residence permit by marriage or by family relation. Depending on the individual’s specific situation, there are several viable options available to them.

In terms of citizenship, it is usually required to live in Norway for at least three years consistently and then apply for Norwegian citizenship. You will have to clarify your identity, renounce your former citizenship, and take at least three hundred hours of Norwegian lessons. Lastly, you must have the intention to reside in Norway permanently and be able to demonstrate this through family affairs or job placement. For this process, it is best to work with an attorney so that you will be able to find the best path for you that does not involve many complications.

Final Remarks on the Subject 

Norway truly does offer a wealth of opportunity for expats and their families. Norway is the ideal fit for expats that are looking for a more traditional society that allows times for both family and commerce. Norway has a very successful economy due to the wealth of oil that the nation possesses. For this reason, Norway has the necessary funding to truly invest in their country and create a wonderful quality of life for its citizens. Through engaging social programs, healthcare, generous vacation, and educational funding, Norway is able to offer a very educated and cultured society that is seldom found in other parts of the world. For expats that are looking for this sort of environment, it is highly recommended to consider relocating to Norway due to the fact that Norway is so open to immigration and also, the divine quality of life that expats have the potential to live there.

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