Why You Should Move to the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a locale that individuals often forget to consider when trying to move abroad. The reason for this is that the benefits of living in the Netherlands are not widely known for many expats. What is important to remember as a prospective expat is that it is essential to find work in the country that you are attempting to relocate to. For this reason, it is quite important to select a country where you can potentially get the ideal job that allows you to live well there. By choosing to reside in the Netherlands, expats have access to a great social life, high English level, low crime rate, efficient health care system, education system, and access to continental Europe. When trying to ascertain whether relocating to the Netherlands is the proper choice, be sure to consider the following rationales below:

8 Benefits of Living in the Netherlands 

Low Crime Rate: The Netherlands has one of the lowest crime rates in both the world and continental Europe. For expats that have families and want a safer, yet higher quality of life. The Netherlands is a wonderful locale to consider residing in. Crime is something that is punished strongly, yet rarely transpires in the Netherlands. For this reason, those expats that want a safer framework will surely have more success in the Netherlands.

Wonderful Social Life: The culture in the Netherlands lends itself to a diverse social scene. Many expats and travelers alike tend to congregate in the Netherlands, which makes a night out in their cities surely a night to remember. Since English is so widely spoken in the Netherlands, it is absolutely possible to have a rewarding social life among expats.

Efficient Health Care System: The Netherlands has a world-class healthcare system that is affordable to their citizens. The facilities are incredible in Dutch hospitals and their medicines are reasonably priced. For expats that do have medical concerns, there are many aspects of living in the Netherlands that will suit them quite well. A grea place to work for health professionals.

English Level: The English level in the Netherlands is quite sensational. It is very easy for expats that speak English to survive living in the Netherlands and even traveling there as well. For expats that want to learn English, it is also quite possible to relocate to the Netherlands and practice one’s level of English with ease.

Education System: For those expats that want to attend university or relocate their children to the Netherlands with them, it is important to understand that the Netherlands has one of the most well respected systems in the world. Children will be able to perfect their English and truly be able to communicate well in their future careers by studying English in a school in the Netherlands.

Proximity to Continental Europe: For families and individual expats alike, it is also important to highlight how the Netherlands is located so close to continental Europe. This location is an excellent choice for families that want to show their children more European cities or younger expats that want to see as many European cities as possible. Continental Europe is a wonderful aspect of living in a locale such as the Netherlands that is a major benefit to the expats who choose to reside there.

Diverse Weather: Due to the fact that the Netherlands is further north than other European countries, it is no surprise that the country has very diverse weather. For expats that are craving four seasons, it is important to understand how important diverse weather and seasons is to a locale. Luckily for potential expats in the market for four seasons, the Netherlands truly has it all.

Sensational Culture: The Netherlands has a wonderful culture to explore. In fact, the Dutch have done a great deal to refurbish their museums and palaces. The Netherlands has many famous paintings, dishes, and nightlife to explore. For the expat that likes museums by day and exotic eats by night, the Netherlands is an ideal place to enjoy as an expat.

Final Remarks on the Subject

It is important to not forget the Netherlands when considering where to relocate as an expat. If you are able to research the Netherlands properly, you will quickly be able to see that the Netherlands has a plethora of opportunities to offer expats both professionally and personally. The Netherlands has diverse seasons, proximity to continental Europe, a wonderful education system, a high English level, a healthcare system that is quite well developed, a diverse social life, and a very low crime rate. All of the aforementioned factors make the Netherlands a very appealing option for expats to consider. When trying to find the ideal locale that is developed and friendly to English speakers, the Netherlands is absolutely your locale of choice.

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