The Pros and Cons of Moving to Iceland

Iceland has become a country of recent interest to prospective expats. The country is largely uninhabited and has a very small local population. That being said, there is a rich and wonderful life to be had in Iceland for those who are into the great outdoors and a smal read more

Using a VPN in China

One major major issues in China is that blockage of the internet. There are a lot of services which are just unavailable there. You won't be able to log into Facebook or Whatsapp or use Google for searches (and Baidu, the leading Chinese search engine, can't be used by non-locals - it is non-understandable). That pose a serious problem. Not only you travel to the other side o the world to work, you would also not be able to watch TV from back home, or speak to your loved ones through the VOIP services.  read more

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