Moving abroad to Canada

... Starting the immigration process to move to Canada, I was able to do it all online. While reading through the information I saw that one of the things that Canadians look for is how an immigrant would earn a living in their country. I was lucky and was able to say I had just completed my degree, which gave me better options for getting a job there. read more

Buying a house in the USA? Don’t forget your home warranty

If you're moving in the U.S from the UK, Australia, Italy, France or almost anywhere else in the world you have probably never heard about a home warranty. There are more than 1m foreigner who get legal permanent residency in the U.S in addition to probably hundreds of thousands more who slip through the tangling cracks of immigration (there are more than 10m illegal immigrants in the USA - read a fascinating NY Times piece on it here).

I can only imagine the vast majority of these immigrants, legal or not, have never heard of a home warranty service. In fact, I guesstimate most Americans, those who were born on U.S soil, and those who weren't, never heard the term "home warranty" or contemplated whether to use it or not. read more

How to avoid Ex-pat Scams

How To Avoid Getting Swindled Fraudsters operating from so-called ‘boiler rooms’ are swindling British expats out of millions, according to statistics. So how can you avoid getting cheated? Brits abroad are one of the most vulnerable sectors of the international communi read more

QROPS and International Pensions

Considering a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS)? Dion Lindskog, Head of Life and Pension Products at RBC Wealth Management, offers his top tips on some of the issues you should consider before deciding if a QROPS is the right option for you. Can you? read more

Ten Tips on Offshore Savings

Here’s a guide through the world of offshore savings and a recommended approach to protecting your nest-egg against inflation.  Protect against inflation – The real return savers actually make from interest rates is the actual profit you are left with after read more

International Healthcare Benefits Tips

Mix and Match Healthcare Benefits If you’re shopping around for the most appropriate healthcare insurance, then choosing a plan tailored to your specific needs has not always been possible. But some healthcare companies are looking at ways of customising healthcar read more

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