Canada’s Best Lakes

Canada is a place that many travelers often neglect when they are looking for outdoor scenery. In fact, there are many parts of Canada that are quite gorgeous and uninhabited. Tourists are advised to get outside of Canada’s main cities in order to have a meaningful travel experience that focus on natural scenery. If the do so, they will find absolutely breathtaking wonders to enjoy with their own eyes. One of the aspects that Canada is quite famous for are their picturesque lakes. Trips to these lakes make for a wonderful vacation for both families and couples alike. Consider the following recommendations below when deciding which lakes to visit while traveling in Canada:

The Lakes That You Should Not Miss When Traveling to Canada

Garibaldi Lake, British Columbia: Garibaldi Lake is quite popular for tourists that would like a day trip from Vancouver. In fact, the lake is within two hours of the city of Vancouver. The drive between Vancouver and Garibaldi Lake is quite gorgeous and lends itself to unique lookout points for travelers to take meaningful photos. There are also several hiking trails and camping areas to explore in the Summer before getting to Whistler. Tourists that greatly enjoy landscapes will find that Garibaldi Lake is likely one of the most gorgeous lakes they have ever seen.

Azure Lake, British Columbia: Azure Lake is truly known for its bright blue color. The lake is actually less known to tourists due to its remote location in the Ogilvie Mountains. What is truly special about this lake is that it was actually created due to the run off from a river, meaning that it is not man made. There are also beautiful mountains surrounding the lake. This provides the lake with gorgeous views that are panoramic for photographs. Individuals that are looking for something slightly less discovered should absolutely consider visiting Azure Lake in British Columbia.

Moraine Lake, Banff National Park: One of the most famous train rides in Canada is through Banff National Park. For those that truly want a scenic ride, this train ride is surely not one to miss. Along the way there is an option to have your journey include Moraine Lake. If you are looking for a quite rural part of Canada, this is a wonderful option to consider that is a tad more remote than flying into Vancouver and heading straight to Garibaldi Lake.

Berg Lake, Mount Robson Provincial Park: Berg Lake is conveniently located in the Canadian Rockies. It is another one of Canada’s lakes that is a UNESCO site. The preservation efforts at this lake are truly spectacular, which is precisely why it is so appealing for tourists to enjoy. One aspect of Berg Lake that is delightful is the multitude of glaciers that exist there. For tourists looking for a lake that offers even more geological diversity, consider a trip to Berg Lake to see the glaciers in action.

Lake Louise, Banff National Park: Lake Louise in Banff National Park is a wonderful choice if you are looking for a locale that has a hint of luxury to it. Near Lake Louise is a stunning resort called the Fairmont Chateau Hotel. From this hotel, you will be able to go for nature walks, admire the panoramic scenery, and also, engage in lake watersports in the Summer. Lake Louise is surely one of Banff’s more famous lakes, which is why it is absolutely worth a visit when you are touring around Canada looking for picturesque natural scenery.

Waterton Lake, Alberta: Waterton Lake in Alberta is a special lake in Canada that is actually preserve by UNESCO. What is remarkable about this lake for tourists to enjoy is that it does offer spectacular views even in the Winter. An example of this can be seen by the tundra climate that the lake is located in. If you are looking for a destination that is a great choice during the Winter, then Waterton Lake is a great choice to pursue with your significant other and/or family members.

Concluding Remarks on the Subject

It is incredible that so many tourists forget to consider visiting Canada. It is absolutely recommended that tourists are made aware of the potential that Canada offers in terms of natural scenery. If tourists see pictures of Canadian natural landscapes, they will quickly see that many of these sites rival some of the beauties of South America. When planning your travel to the Americas, be sure to look into what Canada has to offer. For tourists that have a knowledge of English, Canada is an appealing choice because the majority of the country speaks English with a hint of French. Once you visit one of these Canadian lakes, you will quickly see that you have made a spectacular decision.

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