Lanai: Hawaii’s Hidden Gem

As a Californian, I have had the opportunity to travel to Hawaii many times. I have traveled to Hawaii’s most famous spots on the Big Island and Maui; however, one of my favorite spots in Hawaii is located on a little island called Lanai that not many travelers think to pay a visit. What makes Lanai truly a wonderful place for a family vacation is that it has similar activities to the other Hawaiian Islands with far less tourists.

Here are my reasons to pay Lanai a visit:

  1. Exclusivity: Since Lanai is another flight from Honolulu, it is no surprise that many tourists do not extend their trip. This is also why there are currently far fewer hotels on the island of Lanai. This gives the island a much more authentic and exclusive experience for the travelers who do take the time to pay Lanai a visit.
  2. Great Snorkeling: The Big Island is very crowded in the popular beaches for snorkeling. Thus, it is wise to give snorkeling a try in Lanai. You will be able to see many species of fish that are more undisturbed in their natural habitat because there are far fewer tourists participating in snorkeling. Additionally, you may be able to get up close to a dolphin or sea turtle that frequents Lanai’s shores.
  3. Lava Rock Formations: One of my favorite activities on Lanai is taking a morning hike on the beach and encountering the plethora of lava rock formations that are on the coast. At sunrise, this provides a very stunning view to an abandoned beach that is rejuvenating while one is on vacation.
  4. Horseback Riding: Lanai has many different horseback riding trails that are distinct to the island. What makes these trails wonderful is that they are on the coast with a great view of the ocean. This is a great activity for the family to participate in.
  5. Lanai Has Children’s Day Camps: The local hotels that do exist on Lanai have day camps for children to do enjoyable activities on the island. Thus, if you would like your child to have the opportunity to participate in group snorkeling, horseback riding or even swimming lessons, this is absolutely possible and will be a memorable experience for their trip.
  6. Spa Options: Given that the island is more desolate, the resorts that do exist there have done a remarkable job with their spa offerings. An example of this is the Four Seasons Resort in Lanai who has turned their world class spa offerings into an experience that capitalizes on Lanai’s beautiful scenery that still truly remains far less inhabited.
  7. There is No Downtown: Having visited Honolulu many times, it has chain restaurants and business buildings. For a more authentic Hawaiian beach paradise experience, one needs to look to one of the other islands or the north beaches of the Big Island to experience the true Hawaiian lifestyle. By being on an island like Lanai, one has access to this experience and truly has an escape from their day-to-day life.

Thus, when visiting Hawaii, consider looking into one of the islands with less visitors. The reason for this is that you will have a more authentic experience that will be tranquil, rewarding, and not to mention possess absolutely beautiful scenery.

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