The Secret To Getting Free International Flights With Your Airlines Miles

As someone who has traveled a great deal, I have received many free flights and this has been no accident. Many people have asked me how I have managed to gallivant around the world without millions of dollars and the answer is simple… Frequent Flyer Miles. The ultimate secret to getting free global flights is twofold. Below find my tips:

Get An Airline Credit Card

Before this option scares you, be aware that there are many credit cards that have the offer that if you spend $1,000 USD in three months, you get a free flight. What I recommend is to use this option on your normal expenses that you can pay off at the end of the month. Once you do this, you will have a free international round trip ticket waiting in your inbox that you can use with delight. The other asset to having one of these credit cards is that you get two miles for every dollar spent in many cases. If you use this to your advantage, you could accumulate yet another free global flight or upgrade yourself to first class in no time!

Use The Airline Alliances To Your Advantage

One of the optimal ways to capitalize on your miles is to pick one airline per airline alliance and sign up for their mileage program. Once you do this, you use the mileage number on all of the partner flights within that alliance. This is a great way to rack up the miles and quick! For example, I have a mileage account with American Airlines, which is a member of the One World Alliance.

When I fly to South America on LAN, I use my American Airlines mileage number to get credit for the flight. Additionally, when I fly to the Middle East on Qatar Airlines, I use my American Airlines mileage number and also use the credit. In addition to the One World Alliance, there is also the Star Alliance and Sky Team Alliance. From my personal experience, I recommended to stick with mileage numbers from American Airlines for the One World Alliance and United for the Star Alliance. These alliances allow you to get free trips for the least amount of miles spent!

By using these methods, I have received free flights to Brazil, Chile, South Korea, and Spain. Thus, if you are going to be doing a great deal of traveling, consider using the miles that you are already traveling to your advantage. You will end up saving a great deal of capital on your airfare as a result!

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