How to Spend the Ideal Day in Venice

Venice is surely one of the most romantic cities in the world that I have had the pleasure of visiting. One of the reasons that Venice is such a romantic city is that it has some of the most exquisite architecture in the world. That being said, Venice does boast a few other activities that are quite enjoyable if you know where to look.

Here are four suggestions for how to spend the ideal day in Venice:

  1. Get Lost Without a Map: While this seems unconventional, it is surely a well kept secret that one of the best ways to appreciate a city as majestic as Venice is to get off the train and follow the signs to the Piazza San Marco.  This way, you will pass through the hidden bridges and see the cafes that are less noticed by the millions of tourists that visit Venice every year. I have done this several times and each time I have founded a different corner of the city to explore that I had not previously. This is where you will find the most exquisite Venetian masks and local interactions within the city. Additionally, your photographs will be spectacular because you will find the hidden canals that provide for spectacular photographic opportunities.
  2. Take a Gondola Ride: Even if you are a solo traveler, do not be afraid to take a romantic gondola ride. These tours typically last between one hour and one hour and a half. They are one of the most incredible ways to see the city as well because you get to row down the little canals and also get to see the Piazza San Marco from far away. Usually, these tours leave from just near the Piazza San Marco and can be an economical and fun way to see how gorgeous Venice truly is.
  3. Eat Gelato: Gelato is a key Italian experience in general; however, Venice has many little hidden family cafes that have excellent gelato to enjoy in the warm weather. At times, you can even find a Gondola ride tour that also provides you with a gelato that is included in the tour price. This is a great way to relax and enjoy the views of Venice as you enjoy a tasty treat.
  4. Take a Mystery Tour: Venice used to be one of the most scandalous cities in era’s past. This is why taking a walking tour can be a great adventure to learn the hidden mysteries that transpired in Venice. In fact, free walking tours have become quite popular in Europe overall. Thus, just check the local hostel or hotel and see where it meets up to enjoy a wonderful informative experience as you explore the history of Venice.

Venice is truly one of the most spectacular cities in Europe to visit and is absolutely worth a few days of your time. Through wandering in the less traveled parts of Venice, one will surely see how the city is so world famous and why, millions of tourists pay it a visit annually.

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