Countries to Move Abroad to for Avid Travelers

When deciding where to reside when moving abroad as an expat, it is important to assess which countries offer many benefits to you as a foreigner. It is critical to not only think about the culture of the country itself, but also it is wise to contemplate what neighboring countries you would potentially be able to visit as an expat. This is something that many prospective expats fail to realize, which is precisely why it is essential that you take this into consideration before deciding where to reside as an expat. The expats who do end up having a far more fascinating experience while they are residing abroad. Consider the discussion below when deciding which countries to reside in as an expat.

Countries That Allow You to Travel on the Weekends

Spain: Spain is a country that has a wealth of travel opportunities for expats to enjoy. From Northern Africa to Europe, Spain offers a great deal of opportunity to enjoy wonderful weekends in foreign countries. One aspect of Spain that does stand out is their sensational high speed trains and budget airlines. Individuals of many different salaries have the potential to afford holidays in a wealth of different countries. Be sure to consider Spain if you are looking for a great place to live as an expat that also has wonderful places to travel as well. From the big cities to the smaller Spanish towns, you will greatly enjoy getting to know the real Spain.

Thailand: Thailand is another locale that is commonly missed among expats. What is remarkable about Thailand is that you are an hour from luxurious resorts by plane from Bangkok. Another factor about Thailand is that AirAsia has affordable plane tickets from Thailand to many affordable destinations around Southeast Asia, Australia and Oceania, and Northern Asia that are served by airlines from Thailand. For expats that receive employment offers in Thailand, it is a great way to experience an engaging culture that not only is stunning, but that also allows for exploring some very special parts of the world for a very affordable price.

South Korea: South Korea is another hidden gem when it comes to potential travel locales for expats. Not only is South Korea a very developed country, but it also is a wonderful country for expats to travel to exotic destinations on the weekend. Within three hours expats can be in Japan, China, North Korea, and Taiwan. Within five hours, expats can be in Hong Kong or the Philippines. AirAsia recently opened up a route to Seoul, which has substantially lowered the cost of flying. For this reason, South Korea offers expats a wealth of opportunity when it comes to traveling on the weekends and extended holidays that transpire throughout the year.

Qatar: Qatar is a very tiny country, but it is truly undervalued in terms of its cost of living, enjoyable culture, and proximity to delightful vacation destinations. In fact, Dubai normally gets the reputation of the ideal place to live as an expat; however, Qatar is slightly less expensive and still close to great vacation destinations on the Indian Ocean and the Middle East. Individuals should consider Qatar when they are trying to find a nice place to reside with weekend travel options.

Uruguay: Uruguay is a tiny little country hidden between Brazil and Argentina. What this means is that there are several weekend travel possibilities both within Brazil and Argentina. Additionally, Chile and Peru are only a short flight away as well. Within Uruguay, there exists a very peaceful and simple life for expats. Expats are able to truly enjoy the local beaches, great football matches, divine steak, and fine wines. It is absolutely the place to work as an expat that wants a more relaxed way of life.

Concluding Remarks on the Subject 

For expats that want to have a very comprehensive experience, it is wise to not only look within the country’s borders, but to also take a peek on the outside. If expats are able to do this, they will find a very rewarding potential locale to reside for a period of time. The ideal picks are countries such as Uruguay, Qatar, South Korea, Thailand, and Spain when considering where to reside when living abroad as an expat. Each of these countries have a wonderful culture to explore within along with the well qualified country neighbors to match. Take this opportunity as an expat to see the smaller towns of where you are relocating to abroad. In doing so, you will have very relaxed vacation plans because you will not have to travel a long distance to take a holiday. Expats who approach their time abroad in this way are able to have a very rewarding experience that broadens their cultural perspective a great deal.

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