The Most Popular Expat Destinations in France and Why They Are So Popular

France has been a destination that has attracted many different expats for some time now. The reason for this is that France has very diverse offerings in terms of climates and city size. From large cities such as Paris, to quaint smaller cities such as Aix-en-Provence, France can offer the expat many different choices for expats to choose from. Consider the following cities when deciding whether France is the ideal expat country of choice for you:


Provence is one of the most stunning regions in France. What makes Aix-en-Provence so special is that it is a mid-sized city in France that still has some pieces of architecture from when the Romans had influence in France. Additionally, there are many villas and lavender farms just outside the city that are often for sale for expats to renovate and turn into the ideal retirement home. Aix-en-Provence is close to delightful towns such as Le Luberon, Arles, Avignon, and Rousillion. These cities are even smaller than Aix-en-Provence, but make wonderful day trips to experience the culture of the region in Provence, which has a stunning and diverse history. For expats looking for a place to reside, Aix-en-Provence truly has it all, which makes it the ideal choice for expats that are looking for a sunny locale to relax and enjoy the French pace of life.


Nice is very famous for its luxury resorts and gorgeous beaches on the Mediterranean. That being said, Nice is also famous for luxury homes that have delightful views of the ocean. Nice is a wonderful beach city to settle in for expats that still has an airport, yet has access to some of the best locales on the Mediterranean. Nice is quite close to Monaco and the border of Italy, which makes for enjoyable day trips and vacations. Nice is also a train ride away from St. Tropez, Cannes, and even Barcelona. For expats, that are looking for an ideal place to retire, Nice is a wonderful locale to consider that not only has a wonderful climate, but also has the unique real estate and sophisticated culture to match.


Bordeaux is a very popular expat destination in France because it is where some of the best wine comes from. There has been a trend from expats to purchase chateaus or larger villas in the Bordeaux region for a spectacular view of the wine country. Due to this reason, there is an expat community that has developed that has an appreciated for wine and fine dining. For the expat that is a foodie, it is an ideal fit to choose to live in the Bordeaux region. Within the Bordeaux region, there is also a divine pace of life that is quite appealing to expats that are looking to slow down and enjoy the scenery. In regards to travel and day trip options, Bordeaux is in a location where expats can drive to the border of Spain and enter the Basque Country or can drive to the Loire Valley to see chateaus. Depending on the expat’s tastes, there are several delightful options to choose from when residing in Bordeaux. For these reasons, Bordeaux is a wonderful place to consider investing in property and enjoying the finer things in life.


If expats are looking for larger cities, there is another popular place to be an expat and that is Paris. For this reason, Paris has become quite the place for expats to reside. Paris is one of the most chic and sophisticated cities in the world. For expats that appreciate fine dining, architecture, and cultural gallery openings, Paris is your ideal choice. There is a sizable community in Paris, which makes the events that are available in Paris a great variety for expats to enjoy. Paris has very expensive real estate, but if you have the capital, there are many stunning real estate options to choose from. Consider Paris if you are an expat that is still looking for the fast paced city life in France, yet still wants to enjoy some museums and old world architectural flair.

Final Remarks on the Subject

France is a country that really does offer a wide array of experiences for expats to enjoy. The country has such a long cultural history that there are a wealth of museums and cultural events to enjoy. For expats that are looking for a slower pace of life, Nice, Aix-en-Provence, and Bordeaux are wonderful locales to consider. Additionally, France has Paris for the expat that wants a fast paced and high fashion lifestyle. Consider France in your quest to find the ideal destination to reside as an expat and you will be amazed at the wonderful and diverse options available to you as an expat to enjoy with your family. If you are interested in other cheaper places to move to, consider reading our list here.

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