The Pros and Cons of Moving to Iceland

Iceland has become a country of recent interest to prospective expats. The country is largely uninhabited and has a very small local population. That being said, there is a rich and wonderful life to be had in Iceland for those who are into the great outdoors and a small town way of life. Consider the pros and cons of living in Iceland with the discussion below:

Pros of Living in Iceland 

Welcoming People:

Iceland does not possess a culture that is closed off. For this reason, it is ideal for foreigners to integrate themselves into the local society. There are many family oriented events in Iceland, which also makes it attractive for families to consider. Due to the high level of English in Iceland, foreigners can attend regular events and make local friends. This overall creates a wonderful and welcoming atmosphere for foreigners to consider when they are trying to integrate themselves into the local culture while residing in Iceland as expats.


Iceland has had minimal reports of racism compared to other countries. Although there absolutely is a movement to protect the local culture in Iceland, there is also a respect for those that wish to make a home for themselves there. Thus, for those that have experienced discrimination in other parts of the world for varying reasons may want to consider looking into residing in Iceland as a viable potential option for their future as expats.

Many Jobs Available:

What is fascinating about Iceland is that they do have many jobs available even though they have just undergone a major financial crisis. That being said, it is important to understand that these available jobs are not always in every industry. It is wise to arrange your employment assignment before you decide to relocate to Iceland. In contrast, if you are looking for a simple position in the food industry or retail, it is absolutely possible to find employment in Iceland to make up the extra costs that you family needs; however, it is best to arrange your traditional office job from outside of Iceland before you decide to relocate there.

Affordable Bills:

In comparison to the rest of Europe, the cost of utilities in Iceland is far less. This is a delightful factor to consider when you are deciding whether it is wise to move to Iceland. For example, water, electricity, and heating are far less expensive in Iceland than in other parts of Europe. It is highly recommended to consider Iceland for the affordability of their utilities. In the long term, you will be able to save a great deal of money on your monthly expenditures than if you were to reside in other European countries.

Cons of Living in Iceland

Recent Financial Crisis:

For expats considering residing in Iceland, it is important to take note of the recent financial crisis. Although the country has recovered from the crisis, the remains are still there in the economy and the availability of corporate positions. This has also affected banking and the value of property. When calculating whether Iceland is an effective place to do well fiscally as an expat, take a careful look at their economic improvement in order to see whether it is the best choice to relocate to as an expat.


If you are an expat who enjoys sunshine the majority of the year, it is likely best to look elsewhere than Iceland. Due to Iceland’s position in the world, it has very limited seasons and hardly ever gets dark. If these factors are something that will affect you negatively as an expat, then it is wise to not reside in Iceland; however, if you adore winter and the overall culture of winter, then Iceland would be a wonderful place for you to reside.

Quality of Food:

One of the main complaints that come from expats residing in Iceland is the quality of the food. For the day-to-day meals, expats complain about the quality of the sandwiches and general meals available to them. There are also complaints of lack of diversity and access to international products in grocery stores. What is important to remember about this is that Iceland has a very tight knit and traditional culture, which makes their cuisine quite limiting in comparison to other expat destinations.

Final Remarks on the Subject

In sum, Iceland does possess many benefits for expats to consider if they are considering a new cultural experience as expats. It is wise to contemplate the effects of constant winter and unlimited daylight before relocating to Iceland. It is also best to verify that the lack of diversity in food will not be problematic before moving to Iceland. For expats looking for a welcoming and accepting society that has stunning natural landscapes, Iceland makes a wonderful choice to consider for relocation.

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