Top 4 Countries to Study for University with Affordable Tuition Prices

As an American, one of the greatest challenge our generation faces is our plethora of student debt. What many Americans do not know is that there are many other countries that offer spectacular educational options that cost on average 75% less than American colleges and universities. Thus, if you are considering a way in which to save money while having a rewarding experience, consider studying in one of these top four countries and yes, they also have programs in English!

1. Argentina

Argentina is one of the most affordable countries to study in the world and what is incredible about Argentina is that it also boasts a low cost of living for students. What is brilliant about those students who want to study in Buenos Aires is that UBA (Universidad de Buenos Aires) is free to students. The students attend and finish their education with zero debt. This is a remarkable contrast to the United States in that the Argentine student only has to worry about their affordable housing, food, and transportation expenses as they study a discipline of their choice.

2. Norway

Norway surprised me on this list given that Norway was one of the most expensive countries that I had experienced as a tourist. That being said, Norway provides a great deal of funding to their citizens which makes the education very affordable within the country. Students can expect to pay roughly 3,000 GBP per year for tuition expenses. This is an incredible discount from the United States and United Kingdom’s prices of over 22,000 GBP per year.

3. Germany

Germany is a remarkable country for students to study. What makes Germany truly special is that it has low tuition and low cost of living in a wonderful city such as Munich. This provides students minimal financial debt and also provides a bright future for students. A German student can pay 500 EUR for their year and it even comes with an unlimited metro card. Not a bad deal for those who decide to take advantage of this!

4. Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most affordable places to attend schooling as well. In fact, one will likely pay under 5,000 USD per year depending on their program of study. The Swiss government is very generous on tuition to both foreigners and residents. This is also a refreshing thing to see given that the United Kingdom gives European Union residents a discounts, but then imposes a surcharge on tuition for other foreigners.

What is important to remember about this article is that there is a great deal of options for Americans who may not want to pay more than 20,000 USD for their education per year. In fact, there are many options that would save Americans money even with the cost of living abroad. Thus, for graduate school or university, it is wise to consider looking elsewhere to save some capital on your educational expenses.

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